Hetalia :B

"I will show you how angry I am with this piano!"

I've just started watching (and reading) Hetalia -Axis Powers, and holy crap, it's freaking cracktastic and so funny. I really do admire someone who can come up with madness like this. Best characters so far have definitely got to be Germany, England and Italy :3 The funniest part so far for me was when Italy told Germany he had made something for both of them to prepare them for battle with the Allies- which turns out to be two white flags saying both Italy and Germany surrender, ohohohooooooooooo XD
It's dopey but so awesome.

I also finally decided on a costume for anime expo in May. I'm gonna go as Re-l Mayer from Ergo Proxy, because she is badass, and more importantly, her costume is badass. I have some of the bits already (including a sexy waiscoat, mmm), and pretty much only need to get a black shirt and the little tye thing now. The costume in question -
Commander Cody - Order 66

"That's what I'm talking about. It's a power generator... in the middle of a tree. Strange."

So I finished Star Wars: Republic Commando last week, what a great game. It had some of the best voice acting and character interaction in it, some of the talk between Sev and Scorch really made me chuckle
Scorch: I think we may have to blast our way through that... And I'm *not* just saying that because I love to blow stuff up.
Sev: Yes, you are.
I couldn't believe how it ended though- Sev was my favourite, and he just suddenly goes missing at the end?? Not fair -_- I was really hoping that it would all be explained eventually in the books that tie in with the game, but I was reading the authors blog a few days ago, and she said Sev has always been offlimits- she was only aloud to mention him if it had something to do with before he dissapeared. And so, my hopes went down in flames:B I wonder if they are ever going to enlighten us to Sev's fate. I like to think that he is making his way through forests on Kashyyyk, still slotting Trandoshans and the like, but I guess it's more likely that he was killed :/
Speaking of the books though, I finished the first one (Hard Contact) a few days ago, it was awesome!! I'm defnitely an Atin fangirl- Darman is also badass. I'm reading Triple Zero now and loving it- it's fascinating going back to the beginning of the Clone troopers training and the like with Kal. I've bought all 5 books now and think I'm going to get through them pretty fast, though I really don't want them to end. I love these characters.

Back to Israel on Sunday. I've started packing, and WHAT A NIGHTMARE. I HAVE WAY TOO MANY CLOTHES THAT I WANT TO TAKE. It doesn't help that I got lots of new clothes at Xmas that I also want to take. No way can I fit everything that I want to take in that damn suitcase. And I have a million perfumes D:


Okay, so this is going to be a totally random post about our dog Alfie.

I was thinking today about all the different names Alfie goes by. Alfie is the dog with a million names (just about.) Some of his nicknames include:
- Bear (the most common)
- Alfred
- Alfred Bear
- Beard (lol, I have no idea either)
- Alfred Beard
- Alfredo
- Fred
- Wookiee (because we kinda think he looks like one)
- Chewie (as in the Wookiee, Chewbacca)
- Pup
- Pupsicle
- Eyebrows (When his fur get's really long, his eyebrows do too, and become very...interesting)
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Some of Alfie's favourite things include:
- Pushing one of his toy balls around with his feet, whilst holding one of his other toys in his mouth (sometimes 2 in his mouth if he can manage)
-  Weeing up my dads scooter when its parked in the front garden
- Always getting in my mums way when she hoovers the house (sometimes he'll just lay down right in front of her, blocking the way)
- Laying down and resting his chin on just about anything
- Jumping up and down and barking at the backgarden door when he hears the dog a few doors down (his enemy) barking, until we let him out
- NICKING CHOCOLATE. Alfie is the ultimate chocolate klepto. Last year, my brother was sitting on the sofa whilst playing on the Xbox, and on the armrest beside him, he had his chocolate muffin. Alfie, at the speed of light, jumped up, nicked it, and ran off to eat it. He even tried to eat the wrapper. Last week, he managed to steal my sisters chocolate that she had left on the computer desk just whilst she went into the kitchen to get something. The most infamous incident however, is when he somehow (we still haven't figured it out) managed to steal one of those big sized chocolate blocks from my aunts bag (all discreetly enough so that no one noticed until it was too late.) No one realized a thing until my uncle saw him sat down chewing on something in the hallway, which upon closer inspection, turned out to be my aunts chocolate.
- We recently got a new giant rug in the living room that Alfie loves to roll around on.
- Hiding his toys in really odd places, like in the gaps of the sofa, behind the curtains, and sometimes in peoples slippers/shoes.

And that in brief, sums up our strange but loveable dog :)
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The Elite GAH....

"Child of my enemy, why have you come? I offer no forgiveness for father's sins cast to his son."

Whilst Amnon was over here for Christmas, I made him watch the first Star Wars film (the old one, ep. IV) He's never seen any of the Star Wars films D: I felt like re-watching them all recently, seeing as I've been reading some of the novels (Death Troopers, and Star Wars Republic Commando: Hard Contact) and playing one of the games (Star Wars: Republic Commando, which ties in with the last book I mentioned.) I'm pretty much immeresed in it all right now :) So when I return to Israel soon, I need to make him watch ALL OTHER 5 MOVIES. My mum actually sat down and watched it with us, and---------- SAID SHE REALLY LIKED IT. SHE LOVES CHEWIE AND HAN. This is notable because it is totally weird, my mum NEVER watches anything like this, and is certainly not into Sci-Fi stuff. ACHIEVEMENT UNLOCKED.

Oh, and I got a Nintendo DS for Xmas (a pink one D:) Now, anyone that knows me knows I'm not a big fan of Nintendo. Basically, I think they churn out mainly a load of old crap, and milk their big icons mercilessly (seriously, how many Mario games can you make?) However, they do have the odd (very few) decent games. Umbrella Chronicles was one game that I wanted to play on the Wii, so I played it on Amnon's little brothers one, and there are a few others that I'd like to play, like MadWorld and RE Darkside Chronicles. When it comes to the DS though, I must admit, I have actually wanted one for quite a while. Despite the fact that the majority of games on it are a load of shit, there has always been a bunch that I wanted to play. I want to play most of the FF games on it, the Phoenix Wright games, the new Kingdom Hearts game, Moon, and The World Ends With You to name a few. So I am very grateful to my mum for buying me it. Also, I managed to buy Elite Beat Agents for it down Game Station for £3, which I have been having plenty of demented fun on. The downside, however, is that my little sister (who has had a DS for quite a while) is trying to get me to play some of her games on it, like Bunniez, and Nintendogs (or whatever they're called. Basically, the ones that I have condemned to Nintendo's shame list.)

I'm having a blood test on Monday, first time I've ever had one. I'm not afraid of needles or anything, but I can't imagine it's the most pleasant of things, so I'm a little irked. My mum tells me they are quick though. Bahhhhh.

I really should be making my way around to my aunts right now, but I don't want to go out into the cold (even though it is just around the corner :B) I'm sat in my bed right now, I'm all cosy, and really can't be bothered to do much else. But I'm hungry, so unfortunately, I will have to move these bones. Gah.
The Elite GAH....

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'I Have Also Slept With Tiger Woods' - I think this might be the best group ever on Facebook.
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The Elite GAH....

' I've seen the future, and the future is gay'

Just read about how the Wii fit has been selling like crazy...seriously? Just no. Nooooo. Everytime I see/hear about some of the crap that Nintendo manages to shift, a little bit of the gamer in me dies everytime...

Anyway, just 5 days til my Amnon gets here for Xmas ;_; WE ARE GOING TO GO BOXING DAY SHOPPING TOGETHER. ARE WE MAD?? MOST LIKELY. I can remember some of the ques for the clothes shops in Bluewater last boxing day...But alas, it is all part of his first Xmas experience! (they don't celebrate it in Israel.) But for the most part, I think we are going to be snuggling up at home, this weathers just too damn cold for me :B
Scorpion <3

"Wake Me When You Need Me"

Finished Halo 3 last week. Amazing game. But the ending was kind of sad, poor Master Chief :(

And I finally have Halo 3: ODST now. My uncle gave it to me last night. He'd bought it for himself, but he told me that he didn't like it and that he thought it was crap. Is he mad?!?! I started playing it this morning and have practically been on it all day- it's great and addictive to boot. If you like any of the other Halo games (which my uncle does) I can't see why you wouldn't like ODST. Baffling 0_o

Not long til Christmas, yesssss. Amnon's coming over on the 24th for 4 days, I can't wait. He's definitely gonna leave fatter than when he came, with all my nan's Christmas cooking and all the treats we have in the house for Xmas...Fat time, hoorayyyy.

The Elite GAH....

Mumbely grumbely

I seriously need to finish Halo 3 when I go home for Christmas, gahhhh, I want to play it so much right now.
Then I just need to buy Halo Wars and Halo: ODST. My Christmas money is really not going to last long. It's practically spent already.

Nearly finished all my packing for when I head back to London on Wednesday. What a nightmare. Being me, I bought more clothes whilst I was out here, and so have more to take back with me than what I came with. Not very smart, seeing as my suitcase is always full up when I come here.

I'm cravinggg chocolate right now, and we don't have a single bit in the apartment. And I have no money on me whatsover. I guess I will have to settle for CHOCOLATE MILK. I'm definitely not touching the ice cream that's been in the freezer for about 10 years or the stale waifers on top of the fridge. What a bunch of interesting treats we have in this place. Can't wait to raid my mum's cupboards and fridge when I get home. She will think a swarm of locusts have passed through the place.